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Thank you for your donations!

Welcome to Room 8

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Room 8 Animal Research Site:


Welcome to Room 8's Website! 

2016-17 School Year

I look forward to meeting you on Thursday.  Email ( is the fastest way to reach me.


 I will send home the following supply list and various forms for you to fill out on the first day of school.  Thank you for returning the forms I send home on the first day of school asap.  Once I receive your email addresses, look for a regular classroom newsletter to come home on Friday via email.   It's going to be a wonderful year!



Room 8 Supply Request List


Mrs. Barber

This year in Room 8, we will have a variety of educational experiences to enrich your child’s life.  I have already purchased art supplies, folders, enrichment materials, and enough supplies to begin the year.  I have also paid for academic science and social studies subscriptions for all of the students.  Thank you for anything you do to support your child's learning, and please let me know if the donations are a hardship at all.  I can privately purchase needed supplies for your child.

In order to make this year successful, please choose one option below.  

Return them in this bag as soon as possible.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


Please Choose One Option Below:

(all checks made payable to MUSD, Room 8 in the memo)


Donation Option #1- classroom fund donation ($40 or an amount you feel is suitable)

I will shop for new supplies for your child if you choose this option.


Donation Option #2: $10 AND the entire list below

  • ear buds earphones (the tiny ones)

  • one pack of colored photocopy paper or cardstock

  • 3 reams of white photocopy paper

  • box of 24 Crayola crayons

  • 24 sharpened  yellow #2 pencils (Papermate, Ticonderoga, or Yellow Barrel only)

  • pack of pencil top erasers

  • 3 glue sticks

  • fine tip Expo Dry Erase markers

  • tray of watercolor paints

  • pair of scissors

  • box of zip lock bags (gallon or quart)

  • paper towels OR cleaning wipes (Clorox or Baby Wipes)

  • bottle of hand sanitizer OR gentle hand soap

  • box of tissues

Any extra supplies or donations are greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please feel free to write me a note or email


p.s. NO WHEELED BACKPACKS, PLEASE.  Lightweight backpacks are best.


*Both donation options include a subscription to a weekly student news magazine and a monthly science magazine.

Thank you for your support!



Feel free to contact me at


Websites (accounts will be sent home at a later date)


New Math Website-Prodigy


We participated in Hour of Code! 

Whole Class Lesson: Angry Birds Studio-coding maze

Frozen-coding with angles

Star Wars-drag and drop coding

Playlab- make your own game with code

Artist- create art following code



1. username Barber8 

2. Click your name

3. Reading Assignment- ear then eye then quiz


World Math Day- UNICEF




   Username: jsinnottes
   Password: brainpop




Feel free to contact me at

Who loves learning? We do!

Who loves learning?  We do!




Mrs. Barber

Mrs. Barber

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Today: 6/22/17
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Milpitas Post Article

Milpitas Post Article