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In Room 1, homework packets will be sent home on Monday and are due on Friday. We are starting the homework routine slowly, and building up as the year progresses and students are able to handle the load. You are always welcome to supplement at home.


Your children will GREATLY benefit from extra reading with an adult. Reading with your child is special and takes little energy. You can cuddle up with a few good books every evening and make a HUGE impact on your child! 


Thank you in advance for your support and dedication in this area! 

Room 29 Class Wishes

Room 1 & Mrs. Muratalla are wishing for classroom volunteers! Important paperwork will be coming home regarding volunteering. Please consider joining us in class to help with copies, art, reading groups, etc. I have millions of jobs available! (No prior experience required!)

Current Academic Themes

Math: Board Math and Number sense--comparing numbers 0-5 using vocab: Greater/Less than/Equal to or same

Word Work: rhyme and phonics

Writing: Forming letters correctly & pencil grip (Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd...), copying text

Reading: Themes: Friendship & Back to School

Social Studies: School Community, Rules, Manners


Fine Arts: singing, poetry, drawing, and coloring

Listening & Speaking: using complete sentences to explain our ideas, taking turns

Technology:  Intro to Raz Kids

Character Trait:Golden Rule/Kindness and Responsibility

Class List

Room 1 Class List






Bella (Yuening)








Milo (Reon)




Rubianna (Rubi)








Mrs. Muratalla

Mrs. Muratalla-kindergarten

Welcome to Room 1, Home of the Clever Cookies & Great Scholars!


This week we also started a behavior chart to track our good/poor choices during class. I will explain the system again on Back to School Night (9/3, 6:00). Here is a quick explanation of our behavior chart and class rules. 
Class Rules: 
1. Be on time & be prepared. 
2. Listen & follow directions.
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
4. No teasing or bullying. 
5. Always do your best! 
Behavior Chart: 
Each student has 5 color coded cards in our chart. Every morning the student cards are showing green, (this symbolizes "ready to learn" behavior). As the day continues a student may turn their card to a new color. Here is the breakdown: 
Purple: All Star Behavior. Students turn to purple when they do an AMAZING job of listening, following directions, and helping during the day. 
Green: Ready to Learn Behavior. Each student begins their day with a green card. It represents a fresh, clean start with a happy & ready to learn attitude. Staying green all day is definitely a good thing! 
Yellow: Stop and Think about it Behavior. Students turn to yellow after they've been verbally warned and they continue to make a poor choice (ignore directions, talk, shout out, roll on the floor, touch other people, etc.)
Orange: 5 Minute Time Out. Students turn orange after turning to yellow if they continue to make poor choices. *Time outs consist of standing with the teacher, apart from the rest of the class. 
Blue: 10 Minute Time Out. After a student has had a verbal warning, then a yellow card, followed by an orange card, they have to turn to blue. This time out is a 10 minute break from the group, standing with me. 
Red: Parent Contact. If your child has gone through all of the other cards (yellow, orange, blue) and end up on red, you will receive either an email, phone call, or an after school meeting with me to discuss behavior. In some instances, (hitting/fighting), all of the previous steps will be skipped and a child will go straight to red. Physical aggression is not tolerated!


A, B, C Videos


Pencil Grip Video, please view!


Special Thanks!


Thank you for all of your donations to our classroom!  You are awesome! 

Hot Lunch Information

Hot lunch is very popular in room 1! If your child enjoys buying a "hot lunch" from our school cafeteria, it is easiest to preload their cards with money, (instead of sending money daily). You can find your child's ID # on a document on our webpage. Use this information to guarantee your child receives the money on their card. You can drop an envelope in the S.N.S. slot in the front office, or order online through our school webpage. Happy Eating! 

Let's Be Healthy!

Part of being a SUPERSTAR student, means having enough ENERGY to learn at school! Here are 3 simple ways to be ready for school: 

1. Get a GOOD night's sleep, (At least 10 hours is perfect for kindergarten).

2. Eat a HEALTHY breakfast, (protein is great and so are fruits & vegetables).

3. Drink plenty of WATER, (don't forget to bring your reusable water bottle)! 

Upcoming Events


September 12: Cookie Dough School Fundraiser Kickoff!

September 30: Free Dress Day!

October 5: Fall Family BBQ






CELEBRITY of the Week

We will begin to recognize a "celebrity" each week. The celebrity of the class will receive a special poster to complete (by the end of the week). He/she will also take home our class mascot, Winnie, as well as a journal to record what they did with Winnie! The celebrity will present both the poster and journal to the class on Friday, it is such a memorable event! Stay tuned, we'll begin in another week! 



Hall of Fame!

Kaelyn Castillo is our first classroom VIP! She has been picked for VIP because of her awesome behavior and her positive attitude! Kaelyn works hard to be a good role model for her classmates, and is always ready to learn. She always does her very best work. Way to go, Kaelyn! 

Let's Get Those Postcards!

Remember to ask family and friends to send us some fascinating postcards from their homes or travels!  Here is our school address:

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