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Mrs. Schwartz

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Hello and welcome to our webpage.  I am excited to be starting my second year at Sinnott as a 4th Grade Teacher after teaching for 14 years across town at Curtner. My experience began in this district as a 4/5 GATE Teacher for 8 years, then continued as a regular 4th Grade Teacher for the last 6 years.  I believe in challenging students to rise above what is easy for them to obtain.  I encourage students to look for more than one possible solution to a problem (except in math, when sometimes there is only one correct answer),  I believe if I expect a lot out of my students, they will rise to meet my high expectations. Educating the whole child is important to me. I help students grow academically as well as work to show them how to successfully work with their peers.  Each child is a unique individual who adds to our class with their personality and interests. Together, we make up a class "family" who learns to care about each other and bring out the best in each of us.


Room 19 Supply List

3 Ring Binder (1” size) for our 4th grade class

5 Subject Tabs to put inside class binder labeled:



Social Studies

Extra Paper

3 Ring Binder (1” ...more

Headphones for Computer Use Needed

Our class uses computers weekly, so students will need to supply their own earbuds or small headphones.  If possible, have them in a case. Small empty metal mint boxes work well for earbuds. Students will also be using computers in science weekly.  Please send in earbuds or headphones with your student soon.

Memorize Your Multiplication Facts Now!

Students should be practicing their multiplication facts and memorizing them up through the 10's.  They are expected to know them so they can move forward and quickly compute answers.  Work with flashcards and online math facts websites to practice.


All Homework is due the next day unless otherwise stated.

Every School Night - Read a chapter book for 20 minutes or more.  Record the pages read and write a one paragraph summary (about five sentences) in your Reading Log.

The Reading Log is due every Friday with a parent signature.




Tips For Success

Students in 4th grade typically need 10 hours of sleep every night to function at their peak.  During the time we sleep, our brains are processing all the information we learned during our waking hours.  Once it is processed, it goes into our memory. Students who get enough sleep have an easier time retaining new information and come to class ready to learn.  On the contrary, students who do not get adequate sleep have difficulty focusing in class and often times display hyperactive behaviors because they are trying to cope with not being able to keep up in class.  For the most successful school year, make sure your 4th grader has a consistent bedtime which allows for 10 hours of sleep.

Another focus for our school year is learning to be a wholehearted person who contributes to the school and classroom.  I ask my students, "What will you contribute today?"  I want students to become reflective and think of what they can each bring to the classroom that adds to a positive environment.  Can they compliment a classmate, listen carefully to a lesson and ask an interesting on-topic question, or perhaps help another student who needs a friend at recess?  Each student has a daily opportunity to make a positive contribution through their words and actions.  




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