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Phone - 635-2674 X1925

Dates to Remember

No School (Labor Day) - 9/5/16

Back to School Night - 9/8/15

  • 6th Grade Science Camp Meeting, MUR - 5:15-5:55
  • Room 27, 5th/6th Classroom Presentation - 6:00-6:30

September Scholastic Order due by - 9/30/16


5th Grade Museum on Wheels - In House FT - 10/26/16


6th Grade Science Camp, Walden West, Cupertino - 10/25-10/28





Today: 6/22/17

Mrs. Le- 5th/6th Grade

Boldly Go Where No 5th/6th Grader Has Gone Before . . .

Welcome to the Time Travelers!  


5th and 6th grade students learn about

people and cultures from long ago.  

Exploring the past and preparing for the future

are our everyday classroom activities.

5th Grade Math

For 5th Grade Students in Room 27 & 28


August- Place Value (Lessons 1.1- 1.4)

September - 9/6 Multiplication, Division, Problem Solving (1.5-1.9)

September - 9/12 Algebra, Numerical Expression (1.10-1.12 & Chapter Review)


Math Enrichment Homework - I-Ready Lessons, Extension Packets


  1. Homework will be recorded daily in planner
  2. Homework paperwork will be taken home in the BOOMERANG Folder.
  3. BOOMERANG folder and planner return to school each day.
  4. Papers in the last pocket of the folder may be taken out and discarded.

Friday Folder

  1. Friday Folders contain corrected assessments and relevant class assignments.  
  2. Friday Folders will go home every other week during Science weeks.
  3. Take the work out of the folder.  Sign and date it.  Students return folder on the following Monday.

Scholastic Book Orders

(September) Scholastic Book Order due by 9/23/16

(October) Scholastic Book Order due by 10/21/16

(November) Scholastic Book Order due by 11/28/16

(December) Scholastic Book Order due by 12/12/16

Scholastics book orders are now available online. Click on the link below to go to Scholastics book clubs. Go to Parent Page. To register click on "don't have a user name" Our class code is H4RPP


Turn in paper orders to the teacher in an envelope with a check enclosed made out to "Scholastic Books"


Mrs. Le

Mrs. Le


Homework Week - September

Reading - Read for 30 Minutes Daily.  Log Minutes on Reading Log

Spelling/Vocabulary -  Vocabulary Word Definitions due on Fridays

Math - Daily Homework - Written in planner

Science -   Per Ms. Chu - Science Weeks Only:  9/6-9/9, 9/19-9/23

Social Studies -  Assigned if Needed

Long Term Projects - 

Writing -  Finished at Home if Needed


Classroom Donations

Thank you Room 27 Families!


Your generosity has filled our cabinets.

If we need more supplies in the future, 

they will be posted on this page.