Dress Code &Uniforms


Students that attend John Sinnott School are required to wear a uniform.  

If a parent does not want their child to wear a uniform, parents can complete an Exemption application and return to the school office.​


Uniform Standards


Students must exercise appropriate discretion in their choice of clothing and personal grooming so as not to cause a disturbance or interruption for themselves or others.

Examples of unacceptable clothing: tube tops, tank tops, sport bras, halter-tops, and short shorts. The torso must be covered at all times even when arms are lifted or when bending over. Undergarments must not be visible. No slits in skirts. 

Clothing must be appropriately sized for school activities. All clothing must be neat, clean and in good repair. 

Spikes and chains may not be worn on the outside of any article.

Shoes must be worn at all times and be safe and appropriate for all school activities.  Due to daily recess activities, closed-toe shoes are required at this site.  

Hats and other non-religious head coverings may not be worn indoors. 

Belts must be of appropriate length and contained within belt loops.  

Students may not wear objects or any other items of apparel that present a health or safety hazard to themselves or to others.  Body piercing, other than ear piercing present a potential health and safety hazard and cannot be worn at school. 

Graffiti 'tags' will not be allowed on any items brought to school. Items such as backpacks, personal belongings, books, folders, and notebooks should be free of graffiti and tags.

The following is not acceptable at school:

The school may require additional dress standards because of special health and safety circumstances.  The school may adopt uniforms as deemed appropriate by the school community as outlined in board policy 5132.1.  

If a parent wishes to excuse his or her child from the uniform policy, an appointment must be made with the Principal. Click here to contact us.