Student Council

Each year the intermediate students vote for Student Council Officers.  Elections are held in the fall for President, Vice President,  Secretary, Computer Technologist, and Environmentalist.  These students who run for these offices work hard by writing an essay, making a poster, and presenting a speech in front of the intermediate students.  Only one student is elected for each office to represent our school.  However, after the elections each class elects two or three representatives to attend meetings once or twice a month.  The members make decisions about school beautification and continued improvement,  propose special spirit days to be held throughout the year, assist with extra duties like sorting cans for Jack Emery Drive or collecting boxes for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. They also talk about issues in the school and propose solutions to these problems.  This year Mrs. Miller-Lo  is the teacher in charge of Sinnott's Student Leadership Team.​