2020-2021 Enrichment Programs are on pause.

Sinnott Elementary offers a variety of onsite enrichment opportunities including an after school program, music lessons, seasonal sports, as well as select art classes and Chess Club. These programs provide students with the opportunity to enhance their creativity, promote their individual growth, and encourage their social skills.


Child care for school age students is available from the end of the school day until 5:30 at Sinnott. Our skilled staff supports your child's homework and learning needs, and provides time for outdoor play and snack. With our new wireless connections at all three sites, we look forward to adding technology to support flipped learning, and research for school projects. Our program is also available on minimum days until normal closing hours, as well as providing care during the February and April breaks.​


John Sinnott Elementary

K-6 Grade Teacher: Ms. Carol Hayley

Support Staff: Barbara Delgadillo

Phone: (408) 942-2754

Visit our school district Child Development Centers website for more information.

Register At

Rose Child Development Center (CDC)

250A Roswell Drive,

Milpitas, CA 95035

Phone: (408) 635-2686

Coordinator | Gerardo Lopez